How To Make Money Online

Many opportunities to make money online these days. Whether you're looking to increase your income or make money online full-time, there are plenty of options.

How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online

1. Complete tasks online

Participate in surveys

Participating in online surveys can earn you hundreds of bucks in cash and products each month. Search online for paid survey sites and sign up on several similar sites to increase your odds of being selected for high-paying surveys. Register with a valid email address and check your email frequently so that you can respond quickly when there are surveys.

  • Most of the questionnaires are paid from a few yuan to dozens of dollars, and the time spent usually does not exceed 45 minutes.
  • You may also receive gift certificates, free products or sweepstakes.
  • Do not participate in surveys that require a deposit.
  • Check the privacy policies highlighted on the site to make sure they don't sell your personal information.
  • Test the website

    Remote usability testing involves paying people who visit a site for the first time to provide feedback to the site owner. Most tests only take about 15 minutes and can be paid for dozens of dollars each time. You need to follow the instructions to do something on the client's website and record the process. For example, you might need to go to a retailer's website to buy a product.

  • You need a computer with a microphone, an up-to-date web browser and a high-speed internet connection.
  • User Testing , WhatUsersDo , UserLytics , UserFeel , and YouEye all offer paid website testing jobs.
  • Tutoring students

    Many families prefer online tutoring with more flexible hours. Depending on your educational background, you can help your child with homework or provide academic support at university. You need to have your own computer and a high-speed internet connection. Every company has different requirements for experience. Some require extensive tutoring experience, while others require a specific educational background. Most companies require a college degree.

  • Some companies will assign you students, while others will post your profile on a website for customers to choose from.
  • Depending on your educational background and the subjects you teach, you can make anywhere from tens to hundreds of dollars per hour.
  • Websites that recruit teachers at the primary and secondary levels include Headmasters , Talent Classrooms , Sea Breeze Education , and Yousi Online School .
  • There are also many agencies recruiting online tutors for IELTS and TOEFL, including online classes with perfect scores .
  • 2. Create a Niche Website

    Learn how a niche site works

    Niche sites focus on specific, highly targeted information. Website content must be relevant, useful and interesting to the target audience. A successful niche website has about a thousand to ten thousand visitors a month. You need to create content based on a certain keyword and then earn passive income through Google Adsense or affiliate links.

    Find profitable niches

    Start with your hobbies and hobbies and try to write down as many niches as you can think of. Think about topics people might be searching for online, such as hobbies like surfing, fitness, fear of things like spiders or public speaking, or issues like paying off debt. Do keyword research to see if people are interested in these topics. By the way, find out whether the domain name that matches the keyword 100% can still be registered.

  • Use keyword research tools to find and analyze keywords.
  • Open a website

    Choose a website building platform like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Next, choose your website's domain name and web hosting. A domain name is your web address, while web hosting is the service that connects your website to the web. After choosing your domain name and web hosting, go to the control panel of your web hosting account and install the website platform. Choose and install a theme to design your website.

  • Popular web hosting providers are Bluehost and WPEngine .
  • Create content

    Creating content that is valuable to people can help you rank higher in search engines. Keyword research can help you figure out what people search for. Write content around this theme to improve your search engine rankings. You can't make money without visitors.

  • Use a tool like Market Samurai for keyword research.
  • Post ads to increase website traffic.
  • Conduct marketing campaigns on social media platforms such as Weibo, WeChat or Facebook.
  • Make money with a website

    There are several alternative ways to make money. You can place ads on your website and make money when visitors click on the ads; you can also help promote your own or someone else's products and get a commission when someone buys it.

  • Using Google Adsense, paste some code into your website to allow ads to serve. When a visitor clicks on an ad, you earn money.
  • You can also sell ad space on your website.
  • Affiliate marketing is about promoting products for a niche. Display a link or banner of the product on the website. When visitors click on them and make a purchase, you earn a commission.
  • 3. be a freelance writer

    Think about your expertise

    Take some time to examine your own experience, and you will find that you know more about something than you think. Start by listing your three strengths, such as your career, special hobbies, or personality traits. Then list 3 things that inspire you, like religion, education or charity. List three dreams at the end, such as getting married, traveling, or having more time with children. You should be able to think of many topics to write about from these lists.

    Learn the principles of effective writing

    As a freelance writer, your work is likely to be published online. The principles of writing online and writing for a physical publication are slightly different. The content has to be high quality and well written, but the presentation has to be adapted to the way people read information on the web.

  • Due to the low resolution of online text, readers often do not read from beginning to end, but just glance quickly. Use descriptive headings and bullet points to make your text easy to read.
  • Use the inverted pyramid structure to make the point clear, that is, write the conclusion first, and then provide examples to support the conclusion.
  • Convey meaning concisely and effectively in simple language. Make sure the work meets the 8th grade reading level. Remove redundant or confusing words or terms.
  • Use keywords and phrases that improve search engine rankings.
  • look for a job

    In the beginning, you may have to write about subjects that you are not interested in. Keep an open mind and be willing to accept writing jobs that are not in your ideal field. As long as you keep writing, you will not only gain a better understanding of the subject matter, but also build a good reputation. Then slowly you can choose the job you want.

  • Browse freelance sites that recruit contractors to work online.
  • Collect samples

    Newcomers who haven't published work can have a hard time getting a job at first. However, as long as you are willing to write some articles for free, you have the opportunity to accumulate high-quality works. First, you can publish your work on your own blog or website, or you can guest post on someone else's blog. You can also blog for free in exchange for a byline under the article title.

    Write a topic plan

    After finding the customer, send the topic selection plan to the other party. Topic planning is a subject that you can write about, not only to show your professional knowledge, but also to show your love for the subject.First, look through the publications you intend to contribute to and become familiar with their style. Find a suitable column for your submission, and send the topic selection plan to the editor in charge of that column. Don't forget to include a brief self-introduction.

    Start a writing website or podcast

    A personal website not only showcases your writing skills, but also makes it easier for customers to contact you on the go. Make sure the website design is clean and tidy. Put examples of your work to show your writing style. Make sure samples are easy to find and read, and your contact details are clear at a glance.

  • Use your blog to showcase your writing skills and demonstrate your ability to write blog posts. The subject matter of the blog post can be different from the subject matter of the articles you write for clients. In fact, you should write about topics that interest you. Visitors will find that you can not only write, but also develop an online community. A good blog can help you win many referrals and develop more potential customers.
  • 4. sell stuff online

    Find something to sell

    Tidy up the house. Set aside a few days or a weekend to tidy up the house and clear the clutter. Identify what to throw away, donate or sell. Categorize what you're selling. Different kinds of things need to be put on the right website in order to sell better. You can also buy something to sell online at a higher price.

  • Books, CDs and DVDs can be sold on Amazon or Xianyu.
  • Collectibles, high-end clothing and small electronics can be sold on eBay or Xianyu.
  • Craigslist is great for general items like tools and toys.
  • Open your seller account

    Open an account on sites like Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, or Xianyu. These platforms provide sellers with a very simple registration process. Usually some personal data, such as name and address, and possibly financial information for the payment will be required.

  • Amazon sellers can bind a checking account, and the income will be remitted directly to the checking account.
  • eBay will wire money directly into your checking or PayPal account.
  • Learn about the sales guide

    Each platform has its own guidelines for what can and cannot be sold. State and federal laws also dictate what is prohibited. Generally, you cannot sell alcohol, weapons, service contracts, animals or event tickets. Some things aren't necessarily banned, but there are strict rules about how they're sold, such as artwork, gift cards, and coupons. eBay , Craigslist, and Amazon all publish these guidelines on their own websites.

    Research the selling prices of similar items

    See similar items that have sold or are still on sale. Identify high-end and low-end selling prices and set your prices at mid-range levels. If you want to get out as soon as possible, you can set the price at a low level. The condition of the item also affects the selling price. Defective items should be sold at low prices. You also have to consider how many similar items are currently on sale. If there are too many similar items competing, you may need to set a lower price in order to sell the item.

    Consider selling in bulk

    Bulk selling refers to packing similar items together for sale. If you have a lot of books, magazines, or similar jewelry, consider packing them up and selling them all at once. Although the money earned is not as high as selling separately, it can be sold faster.

    Describe the item in detail

    Detailed description can improve the probability of closing. Since buyers can't see the product in person, you need to describe the product as much as possible to let them know what kind of product it is. If it's a used item, say it honestly.

  • Double-check before posting product descriptions.
  • Titles must include information such as product size, color, or design.
  • Add HD photos

    Put up a few photos to show the item from different angles. Make sure the background is free of clutter so that it doesn't distract. Use natural light, not flash. Take some close-up photos so people can see all the details of the item.

    Provide good customer service

    Answer buyer questions as soon as possible. Be professional and polite. Positive communication can help you build credibility, gain buyers, and become your repeat customers. Pack your items carefully and send them out as soon as possible. Damaged or long-lived items can affect what buyers say about you. Wrap all merchandise in proper packaging, especially fragile items. Ship the item as soon as possible after receiving the payment.